In November, EMS-TRAINING.com was launched to cover the EMS market in the United Kingdom and Ireland because there is an increasing demand for EMS Training in these countries. Get to know everything about this platform that belongs to the very successful and well-known German website EMS-TRAINING.de!


EMS-TRAINING.com is a search and information platform on the topic of EMS Training and thus the first address for everyone who wants to get information about EMS Training or who wants to try out the training. The website has a studio finder that helps interested prospects to find an EMS provider near them as well as an online magazine offering a lot of information about the innovative form of exercise. The platform allows EMS providers to build their online presence and acquire new customers.


Visitors to EMS-TRAINING.com have the opportunity of informing themselves about electrical muscle stimulation in the magazine – interesting and useful articles about EMS are published several times a week! The latest news of the EMS industry, personal reports from training persons, expert advice, or scientific studies – you are always up to date!


You are an EMS trainer, and there are any great successes achieved by your customers? Or do you do electrical muscle stimulation yourself? Then why don’t you share your experience with others? Just send your personal report to EMS-TRAINING.com for publishing. It is also possible to get help with your text from the in-house editors. 


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  • to create a constant stream of information and a continuous flow of promotion.
  • to establish a network that encompasses providers,manufacturers, and consumers.
  • to put EMS providers on the map (literally and figuratively).
  • to put prospective customers in good hands. 
  • to form lasting partnerships that are mutually beneficial.
  • to be the most competent, comprehensive, and accessible EMS platform on the web.
  • to make EMS Training unmissable and the platform impossible to ignore.


EMS studios, personal trainers, and physiotherapists have the possibility to attract the attention of many new customers through a profile on EMS-TRAINING.com. They can introduce their studio by providing information about their trainers, offers, prices, and opening hours, and by uploading pictures – so they make a good first impression on potential customers. Users can find these profiles via a studio finder in a very fast and simple way. So a profile on EMS-TRAINING.com provides significant advantages for providers and increases the chance of winning even more customers.


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Customers can rate their EMS studio on EMS-TRAINING.com, which is a good means to convince interested prospects. Since most people trust online ratings as much as personal recommendations, EMS studios are able to attract even more customers with some convincing ratings on their profile. This kind of feedback also gives providers an indication of how satisfied their customers are, so that they can react to criticism. Moreover, the number of ratings in a studio’s profile affects its position in the list of results. The more ratings a studio has, the quicker it can be seen by potential customers. EMS-TRAINING.com also provides printed rating cards that trainers can give to their customers to fill in. To learn more about that, just contact the team of EMS-TRAINING.com!


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What are widgets? Widgets are little applications for websites. EMS providers can integrate the EMS-TRAINING.com widgets into their website in a very easy way. So visitors of their homepage can see interesting articles about EMS Training or the ratings of the studio on EMS-TRAINING.com at one glance. The colour and size of the widgets can also be changed so that they match the website.


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In Germany and Austria, there are counterparts of EMS-TRAINING.com. The German website EMS-TRAINING.de was launched in September 2015 and has been very successful since then. In May 2016, EMS-TRAINING.at followed because there is a great demand for EMS Training in Austria as well. Every month, the two platforms receive 40,000 visitors who search for a suitable studio among the 1,500 EMS providers or need information about the new trend sport. More than 400 magazine articles have been published about EMS Training already.


Check out more impressive figures: half of all inquiries for a trial session from interested prospects led to a signing of a contract, and more than 18,000 training persons have already rated their studios! Furthermore, the platforms pass up to 500 inquiries for a trial session per month to EMS providers!