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Flexing its muscle

After a decade of establishing its EMS system as a strong global leader, German innovator miha bodytec has opened a London office to expand its UK presence.


According to current studies, EMS Training is one of the “top trends” in the German fitness market. The modern workout relies on electronic muscle stimulation (Electromyostimulation – EMS). The special feature: a moderate use of electric impulses increases muscular contraction beyond the usual level, which leads to a stronger training stimulus. This allows EMS Training to achieve better results in less time. 


However, the highly developed technology is not the only decisive factor. Equally important – and even indispensable to guarantee safety and success of the training – is the trainer. He knows his customers and uses the EMS tool specifically in order to set a training-relevant stimulus in the shortest time possible. He accompanies and supervises the progress and is also the contact person for the right diet and healthy lifestyle. The appointments and the care provide for the necessary regularity and motivation of the training, through which personal goals can be optimally achieved.


Whether in the traditional gym, in the so-called micro-studios or with a mobile coach: The EMS market is booming in Germany. Around 190,000 people use it not only for medical purposes or for preparing for sports competitions, but as their personal and very efficient fitness training. An increasing number of people who benefit from the advantages of EMS Training is facing a number of around 2,000 EMS providers.


In the midst of this new segment in the fitness market, the name miha bodytec is a constant reference. In particular, the brand is notorious among professional EMS operators as a synonym for innovation and quality. As the market leader for EMS, the German company has been selling its products for 10 years and supplies almost all relevant service models. For some areas of the international market however, a proper introduction of the company, as well as their eponymous products seems appropriate.


The innovative training device – the miha bodytec – is a popular tool that allows for maximising the effectiveness of the personal training while minimizing time use. The training is based on electronic stimulation of the muscles, which in combination with a series of simple exercises is used to create a training stimulus. 


The technical implementation is of impressive simplicity. The device combines modern design and innovative technology into a unique system that ensures a comfortable application. Perfect functionality and high efficiency make it an attractive option for a wide field of applications and target groups. The resulting “device-supported personal training”, is ideally integrated into existing facilities or as a stand-alone solution (EMS-studio) or for mobile application. The training with the miha bodytec is always carried out under professional guidance and supervision, thus guaranteeing the highest effectiveness, visible- and measurable results as well as sustainable customer satisfaction. It is this combination of technology and personal training, which is now known by the name “EMS Training”.


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The name miha has its origin in miha Maschinen GmbH, which has developed and manufactured innovative products for the sports- and medical

industry for over 40 years. From this company miha bodytec GmbH has emerged in 2007, which is now celebrating its tenth anniversary and has held the position of the world market- and technology leader since the beginnings of EMS Training. 


This is not without a reason – for the company has set standards on the side of the product as well as in service ever since. The claim remained the same – to offer a comprehensive package for commercial providers that enables them to successfully position themselves in the future market of EMS Training. 


In the meantime a number of successful business models have emerged in close collaboration with miha bodytec, which are growing in popularity with their customers.


The rapid development of the EMS market, which can be observed today, has been anything but obvious at its very beginning. This was mainly due to the fact that the new technology was largely unknown. Therefore, it was not surprising that many customers were initially sceptical about the idea of having their muscles stimulated by electric impulses being wired during the training. These reservations had to be reduced by positive experiences when the product was first introduced into the market. As a result, the German company has always had a special responsibility that went far beyond production, delivery and customer service. For as long as there was no customer-experience with the new product category “EMS Training” as well as no respective quality- and safety standards, miha bodytec adapted the role to help determine these in the first instance.


The training programmes which were offered could not be based solely on individual exercise experiences and training successes. 


For a 'made in Germany' product that should not only be a short-term trend, but should also change the worldwide fitness landscape, a quality was required that was sufficiently justified by scientific facts and studies as well. Therefore cooperation with a number of recognised scientific institutions was essential. 


For this reason, miha bodytec now maintains numerous research cooperation projects over a period of years, with institutions such the Cologne Sports College, the University of Erlangen /Nuremberg, and the Heart and Diabetes Center in Nordreinwestfalen, Bad Oeynhausen. In order to ensure a standardised and high-quality education on the part of the trainer, miha bodytec has also worked with the prestigious training institution, Gluckerkolleg, which now offers a comprehensive education for professional EMS trainers. 


The company was able to meet these challenges, and has also significantly contributed in increasing the awareness for EMS Training. Based on this work, the spread of whole body EMS Training took its course. The great success of the first miha bodytec device release, which sold around 4,500 devices after market introduction in 2007, was only surpassed by the popularity of its successor model. The miha bodytec II was presented in April 2013 for the first time at the FIBO trade fair in Cologne. Further technical developments like a mobile solution have been introduced that improved the quality and flexibility that make EMS Training a successful solution for many trainers and coaches. Currently, more than 2,000 commercial suppliers in Germany and Austria are already using miha bodytec.


Today the beginnings are already ten years in the past. The company, which started in 2007 with two employees, has become a “global player” in the meantime, that is also growing internationaly. miha bodytec now has a sales structure of more than 30 countries, with an export share of around 75 % of the sales volume. The miha bodytec is still produced in Germany and meets the highest quality requirements. The 6,000 square meters of the new company headquarters in Gersthofen serve as a worldwide export center for equipment and accessories.


Due to the international spread of EMS Training, the expansion of the company abroad is a logical step. As Jürgen Decker, Managing Director of the company, explains: “Along with the rapid growth of EMS in Germany, we observe a growing international demand. Great Britain is one of the most important European fitness markets. Thus, as a world market leader, our own presence here is overdue. This allows us to offer the fastest delivery possible as well as the same high-quality support as in Germany.”


In the year 2017, on the occasion of the company's 10th anniversary, miha bodytec is opening a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom. The attractive office space located in the heart of London will henceforth serve as the British sales center of the company. Local contact is miha bodytec newcomer and globally recognized athletic coach Thomas Ott. As a long-time expert in the industry with a degree in sports science, he is very well acquainted with miha bodytec and the services in the context of EMS Training.